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Bird Repeller

  • China Gas Bird Scare Cannon

    Contact NowChina Gas Bird Scare Cannonchina gas bird scare cannon 1, the largest external dimensions: 1050 × 500 × 900mm (length × width × height); 2, the power: the use of solar cells DC power supply, battery specifications for the 12V, 18Ah industrial battery; sufficient battery for gas guns for 7 days; 3, the control system:...Read More

  • Electronic PIR Infrared Bird Repeller

    Contact NowElectronic PIR Infrared Bird RepellerUltrasonic Big Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Big Animal Repeller /Ultrasonic Birds Dog Reppeller characteristics and principle: 1.The dog repellent is built-in microcomputer, ultrasonic generated by the micr ocomputer, ultrasonic has two kinds of different frequency range selection, ins ide each...Read More

  • Bird Scarer Hawk Eye Kite

    Contact NowBird Scarer Hawk Eye Kitebird scarer hawk eye kite This product is based on avian natural enemies "Eagle" eyes exaggerated design, the material itself reflective, according to the specific circumstances of any suspension, is very affordable bird equipment. Specifications: Length 27cm * Width 39cm Material: PP Hawkeye...Read More

  • Solar Bird Repellent

    Contact NowSolar Bird RepellentSolar bird is a new type of solar application products, is the perfect combination of solar energy and drive device; solar bird control replaces the traditional use mains bird control, to avoid the trouble wiring to solve the region without power such as: orchards, farmland, pasture and other...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Anti Bird Thorn Device For Sale

    Contact NowStainless Steel Anti Bird Thorn Device For SaleStainless Steel Anti Bird Thorn Device For Sale Product Description Brief Introduction : Power anti-bird thorn is placed on a high voltage power line tower on top of the cross arm insulator to prevent bird nesting and prolonged stay in the cross arm to provide protection for the safe operation...Read More

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