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Bird Repeller

  • Electronic PIR Infrared Bird Repeller

    Contact NowElectronic PIR Infrared Bird RepellerUltrasonic Big Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Big Animal Repeller /Ultrasonic Birds Dog Reppeller characteristics and principle: 1.The dog repellent is built-in microcomputer, ultrasonic generated by the micr ocomputer, ultrasonic has two kinds of different frequency range selection, ins ide each...Read More

  • Bird Scaring Device Machine Ultrasonic Bird Scarer

    Contact NowBird Scaring Device Machine Ultrasonic Bird ScarerBird Scaring Device Machine Ultrasonic Bird Scarer Product Description HZGY-2 HZGY-4 HZGY-4 compared with HZGY-2 Advantages of Bird Scaring Device Machine Ultrasonic Bird Scarer : 1. Ultrasonic Bird Repeller is the replacement product of all the other Bird Repeller types. 2. It takes the...Read More

  • China Gas Bird Scare Cannon

    Contact NowChina Gas Bird Scare Cannonchina gas bird scare cannon 1, the largest external dimensions: 1050 × 500 × 900mm (length × width × height); 2, the power: the use of solar cells DC power supply, battery specifications for the 12V, 18Ah industrial battery; sufficient battery for gas guns for 7 days; 3, the control system:...Read More

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