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DC Hipot Tester

  • 50kv High Voltage Vlf Hipot Instrument

    Contact Now50kv High Voltage Vlf Hipot Instrument50kv high voltage vlf hipot instrument I . VLF HV Tester Series II. Important tips 1. Power supply requirement: AC50Hz, 220V, stability of frequency: fluctuation less than 0.5% 2. When using it, the capacitance of the sample should not exceed the rated capacity of the instrument. The overlow...Read More

  • HZJY-5K Insulation Resistance Tester

    Contact NowHZJY-5K Insulation Resistance TesterInsulation Tester Manual *******Insulation resistance tester dedicated to the measurement of water-cooled generator test, but also can be used for laboratory or field testing insulation testing to do. Output current greater than 25mA. The maximum output voltage of 2500V. Includes...Read More

  • Transformer DC Winding Resistance Test Low Resistance Ohmmeter

    Contact NowTransformer DC Winding Resistance Test Low Resistance OhmmeterTransformer DC Winding Resistance Test Low Resistance Ohmmeter 1.General DC resistance of transformer is one testing item which must be tested during ex-work test of semi-finished products and final products, installation, acceptance test and preventive test of electric power department, which...Read More

  • HZ-3110 Transformer DC Resistance Tester

    Contact NowHZ-3110 Transformer DC Resistance TesterHZ-3110 tester Product introduction Transformer winding DC resistance test is a transformer in the transfer, overhaul and change the essential experimental projects tap.Project is also important to check after transformer failure. Features ●Output current is large, measurement ranges...Read More

  • HZJB-1 3 Phase Relay Protection Tester

    Contact NowHZJB-1 3 Phase Relay Protection TesterHZJB-I relay protection tester 3 phase 0.5 grade 1.AC current output: Accuracy 0.5 Grade Phase current output(effective value) 0~40A 3 phase current output(effective value) 0~1200A Phase current long time working value(effective value) 10A Phase max current outpute power 420VA 3 phase max...Read More

  • HZ-2z Auto Washing Transformer Oil Dielectric Loss Tester

    Contact NowHZ-2z Auto Washing Transformer Oil Dielectric Loss TesterHZ-2z Transformer Oil Dielectric Loss Tester I.Introduction Insulating oil dielectric loss and resistivity tester is used for measuring dielectric dissipation factor and DC resistivity of insulating oil and other insulating liquids. The tester is characterized by integrated structure, and...Read More

  • 100a Contact Resistance Tester Of Circuit Breaker

    Contact Now100a Contact Resistance Tester Of Circuit Breaker100a contact resistance tester Product Description Introduction: According to the requirements of the new power Preventive testing procedures, conductive loop resistance testing of various switching devices is must be measured, whose testing current can not be less than 100A, Continuous Current...Read More

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