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Gas Leak Detector

  • Portable Comprehensive Sf6 Gas Analyzer

    Contact NowPortable Comprehensive Sf6 Gas AnalyzerPortable Comprehensive Sf6 Gas Analyzer I.Portable Comprehensive Sf6 Gas Analyzer Description SF6 comprehensive tester combines the tests of humidity of SF6, purity of SF6 and it integrates the functions which were originally fulfilled by tow instruments into one instrument. One site measurement...Read More

  • SPX RD8100 Underground Pipe And Cable Detector

    Contact NowSPX RD8100 Underground Pipe And Cable DetectorSPX RD8100 underground pipe and cable detector I.SPX RD8100 underground pipe and cable detector Description The RD8000/8100PDL and PXL are powerful successors to the industry standard RD4000PDL and PXL pipe and cable locators. The RD8000/8100 improves on speed, accuracy and reliability yet...Read More

  • HZ-1360 Cable Detector

    Contact NowHZ-1360 Cable DetectorPipeline & Cable Locator HZ-1360 Main functions 1. Detect the route of underground pipeline cable 2. Measure the burying depth of underground pipeline cable 3. Identify the target pipeline cable under multiple underground pipeline cable condition 4. Detect and locate the insulation fault...Read More

  • HZQ 5kva 50kv HV Gas Type Inflated Testing Transformer

    Contact NowHZQ 5kva 50kv HV Gas Type Inflated Testing TransformerHZQ 5kva 50kv HV Gas Type Inflated Testing Transformer I Introduction The Test Transformer calls the booster, it is the basic test equipment used by the power station, supplying and distributing the electrical power system and the scientific research unit. Which used in the insulated intension...Read More

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