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Insulation Resistance Tester Supplier

  • HZJY-20k Portable 20kv Insulation Resistance Tester Megger

    Contact NowHZJY-20k Portable 20kv Insulation Resistance Tester MeggerHZJY-20k Portable 20kv insulation resistance tester megger I.overview Hz 20kv Digital Megger Insulation Resistance Tester, through the test system in different components of the insulation resistance (transformers, switching devices, wires, motors), you can isolate and repair the failure of...Read More

  • HZJY-10Kv Insulation Resistance Tester

    Contact NowHZJY-10Kv Insulation Resistance Tester1. The HZJY-10Kv builds on the latest family of Sonel Instruments with the introduction of this meter, a 10kV insulation resistance tester with a host of advanced features, making it a versatile and robust choice for professional field use. The HZJY-10Kv is supplied complete and ready for use 2....Read More

  • HZJY-5K Insulation Resistance Tester

    Contact NowHZJY-5K Insulation Resistance TesterInsulation Tester Manual *******Insulation resistance tester dedicated to the measurement of water-cooled generator test, but also can be used for laboratory or field testing insulation testing to do. Output current greater than 25mA. The maximum output voltage of 2500V. Includes...Read More

  • HZ683 1KV Megger Insulation Resistance Meter

    Contact NowHZ683 1KV Megger Insulation Resistance MeterHZ683 1KV megger Insulation resistance meter Product Description HZ683 1KV megger Insulation resistance meter Introduce: HZ683 High Resistance Meter is an MCU controlled measuring instrument for direct readout of resistance and current. The voltage applied to the device under test (DUT) is...Read More

  • HZ-20KV Adjustable High-voltage Digital Megger

    Contact NowHZ-20KV Adjustable High-voltage Digital MeggerHZ-20kV Adjustable high-voltage digital megger Feature: 1、Strong anti electric interference ability 2mA(50Hz), 2、Short-circuit current of the testing power>5mA,Maximum 15mA.Adapting to testing of large-capacity and high inductance. 3、Wide resistance testing range:0.5MΩ~200000MΩ.Accurate and high...Read More

  • 250v To 5kv Digital Insulation Resistance Tester Meter Megger Price

    Contact Now250v To 5kv Digital Insulation Resistance Tester Meter Megger Price250v to 5kv digital insulation resistance tester meter megger price I. Features MODLE HZJY-5K-II are high voltage insulation resistance testers with 5-range( HZJY-5K-II )for measuring insulation resistance. ● Designed to meet the following safety standards: IEC 61010-1,-2-30 (CAT III 600V/CAT IV...Read More

  • HZJY-10K Insulation Resistance Tester Megger

    Contact NowHZJY-10K Insulation Resistance Tester MeggerHZJY-10K Insulation Resistance Tester Instruction Huazheng Electric Manufacturing(Baoding) Co.Ltd Contents I Main Features............................................................................................3 II Main Technical...Read More

  • HZ-510 5000V Digital Insulation Megger Tester

    Contact NowHZ-510 5000V Digital Insulation Megger TesterHZ-510 5000V Digital Insulation Megger Tester Product Description 5Tohm 5KV high voltage insulation megger Megohmmeter introduction: HZ-510 digital insulation resistance tester is an insulation resistance tester with broad range of measurement, which can be applied for various situations from...Read More

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