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Oil Dielectric Loss Tester

  • Battery Load Tester And Battery Discharger And DC LOAD BANK

    Contact NowBattery Load Tester And Battery Discharger And DC LOAD BANKbattery load tester and battery discharger and DC LOAD BANK 1.1 General Introduction Battery Load Bank is a special instrument for the test of NiCD and Lead-acid storage battery string of the whole string voltage of 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, in communication room, and cell voltage of 1.2V/2V/6V/12V,...Read More

  • UTN821 Digital Multi-Function Network Cable Tester

    Contact NowUTN821 Digital Multi-Function Network Cable TesterUTN821 Digital Multi-Function Network Cable Tester • Link Status– Identify the device, confirm actual connection speed / Duplex status, with Max. rate up to 1000M ; • Cabling Diagnosis– Supported with TDR Technology, single-ended verification for mis-wiring, shorts or opens, able to measure the...Read More

  • DZL Series High Vacuum Dielectric Transformer Oil Purification Machine Systems

    Contact NowDZL Series High Vacuum Dielectric Transformer Oil Purification Machine SystemsDZL Series High Vacuum Dielectric Transformer Oil Purification Machine Systems 1.Insulating Oil Purification Machine Systems FUNCTION The main function of DZL Series of signal and double stage high-efficient vacuum oil purifier is to r emove free and dissolved water, gases, and mechanical...Read More

  • HZJY-10K Insulation Resistance Tester Megger

    Contact NowHZJY-10K Insulation Resistance Tester MeggerHZJY-10K Insulation Resistance Tester Instruction Huazheng Electric Manufacturing(Baoding) Co.Ltd Contents I Main Features............................................................................................3 II Main Technical...Read More

  • Transformer Oil And SF6 Gas Comprehensive Test Vehicle

    Contact NowTransformer Oil And SF6 Gas Comprehensive Test VehicleTransformer Oil and SF6 Gas Comprehensive Test Vehicle 1. The main technical parameters of the vehicle: < 2. E nvironment Outdoor ambient air temperature:- 40℃ ~ 40℃ Altitude: ≤2000m Maximum wind speed: ≤20m/s Environmental relative humidity: < 95%( Or no obvious condensation ) 3.Design...Read More

  • HZ-6000C Transformer Capacity & Loss Tester

    Contact NowHZ-6000C Transformer Capacity & Loss Tester1.Product Introduction HZ-6000C Transformer Loss Tester is the equipment than can measure no-load current, no-load loss, short ;circuit ;loss, impedance ;voltage, harmonic content, aberration rate, etc diameters for various ;transformers 2.Main function and Features 1.Can ;measure ;no- ;load...Read More

  • Automatic Multifunctional Degassing Oscillation Tester

    Contact NowAutomatic Multifunctional Degassing Oscillation TesterAutomatic Multifunctional Degassing Oscillation Tester Introduction HZZD-0903 multi-functional oscillator is based on GB / T17623-1998 "insulating oil dissolved gas components of gas chromatography", GB / T259-88 "Determination of water-soluble acids and bases of petroleum products" GB / T...Read More

  • HZJY-10Kv Insulation Resistance Tester

    Contact NowHZJY-10Kv Insulation Resistance Tester1. The HZJY-10Kv builds on the latest family of Sonel Instruments with the introduction of this meter, a 10kV insulation resistance tester with a host of advanced features, making it a versatile and robust choice for professional field use. The HZJY-10Kv is supplied complete and ready for use 2....Read More

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