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TTR Tester factory

  • HZBB-10B-1 60 Hz Portable Intelligent Transformer Ratio Tester

    Contact NowHZBB-10B-1 60 Hz Portable Intelligent Transformer Ratio TesterHZBB-10B-1 60 hz Portable Intelligent transformer ratio tester Overview HZ-301A intelligent tester of Transform er Ratio and Connection Groups adopts popular ARM processor, 168M frequency , 128M memory available to be extended to 4G memory card. The LCD screen adopts 5-inch high-definition color...Read More

  • HZBB-10A TTR Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

    Contact NowHZBB-10A TTR Transformer Turns Ratio TesterHZBB-10A Transformer Turns Ratio Tester Features: 1, test range, 0.9-10000. 2,fast test speed, 10 seconds to complete the three-phase testing. 3, Widely applicable to the type of transformer, with Z shaped coupling transformer test function. 4, auto-complete group testing. 5, Perfect protection...Read More

  • HZBB-10B 3 Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

    Contact NowHZBB-10B 3 Phase Transformer Turns Ratio MeterHZBB-10B 3 Phase Transformer Turns Raio Meter Product Description HZBB-10B 3 Phase Transformer Turns Raio Meter I ntroduction In the transformers ’ production process of semi-finished and finished.According to the State Ministry of preventive testing procedures Before the new transformer running...Read More

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