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Transformer Test System

  • Hv Transformer Integrated Detection System Test Van

    Contact NowHv Transformer Integrated Detection System Test VanHv Transformer Integrated Detection System Test Van 1 . Scope of application Mobile transformer equipment integrated detection system through systematic, user-friendly design, the scene of the state maintenance test required for a variety of experimental instruments, equipment, accessories and...Read More

  • Transformer Capacitance & Tan Delta Tester

    Contact NowTransformer Capacitance & Tan Delta TesterThe instrument can test the following parameters and display them in figure:  Capacitance value of tested article CX is in pF or nF, 1nF=1,000pF. Dielectric loss value of tested article tgδ is displayed with %.Read More

  • HZCT-100 Portable CT PT Current Transformer Comprehensive Analyzer

    Contact NowHZCT-100 Portable CT PT Current Transformer Comprehensive AnalyzerHZCT-100 Portable CT PT Transformer Comprehensive Analyzer Transformer Tester is new product created after widely adopt customers’ advices and deep theoretical study. It is based on the automatic FA Series Transformer Tester General which is produced by our company that is widely a cclaimed and...Read More

  • Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

    Contact NowTransformer Winding Deformation Testertransformer winding deformation tester Product Description The transformer winding deformation tester is used for power transformer with voltage grade of 6kV and above and other transformers with special purpose. The power transformer is inevitably vulnerable to impulse of various fault...Read More

  • 2500V 1000A Power Frequency CT PT Analyzer

    Contact Now2500V 1000A Power Frequency CT PT Analyzer2500V 1000A Power Frequency CT PT Analyzer Main technical features: 1. Full automatic test instrument Simply set the highest output voltage and the maximum output current, the instrument can start from zero to automatically boost or rise for a variety of tests. The test data, the curve of the...Read More

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