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UNI T Digital Multimeter

  • UNI-T Multi-Function Cable Finder Set UT681A

    Contact NowUNI-T Multi-Function Cable Finder Set UT681AUNI-T Multi-Function Cable Finder Set UT681A • Cable Identification– Capable of identifying numbers of cables at the same time when it comes with supplied ID adapters • Toning Cable location – Locate the cables when matched with toner probe in the test; • Wire Sequence Scanning – Trace down the...Read More

  • Best Uni-t Ut81b Digital Multimeter Oscilloscope

    Contact NowBest Uni-t Ut81b Digital Multimeter Oscilloscopebest uni-t ut81b digital multimeter oscilloscope I. Product Description 1. Portable, compact and lightweight. 2. 3 3/4 digit digital multimeter auto ranging pocket. 3. Functional and stable performance. 4. High precision, low power consumption. 5. Thenew structure, safe and reliable. 6. Simple,...Read More

  • Low Price UNI-T UT61e Digital Multimeter

    Contact NowLow Price UNI-T UT61e Digital MultimeterLow Price UNI-T UT61e Digital Multimeter Product Description UT61 Series Digital Multimeters are products designed for multi-functional, high precision, high performance and automatic measurements. Large LCD screen High resolution analog pointer display Full range overload protection Data hold,...Read More

  • UTN821 Digital Multi-Function Network Cable Tester

    Contact NowUTN821 Digital Multi-Function Network Cable TesterUTN821 Digital Multi-Function Network Cable Tester • Link Status– Identify the device, confirm actual connection speed / Duplex status, with Max. rate up to 1000M ; • Cabling Diagnosis– Supported with TDR Technology, single-ended verification for mis-wiring, shorts or opens, able to measure the...Read More

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