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Underground Pipe Locator

  • HZ-4000T Cable Fault Locator System

    Contact NowHZ-4000T Cable Fault Locator SystemIntroduction 1. One trolley structure, convenient transportation. 2. Without complex wiring, through the weak internal control of high voltage switch for automatic switch. 3. For 220V - 220KV Power cable of low resistance, high resistance leakage fault, flashover failure for rapid positioning...Read More

  • RD8000 Underground Cable And Pipe Locator

    Contact NowRD8000 Underground Cable And Pipe LocatorRD8000 Underground Cable And Pipe Locator Product Description RD8000 underground pipe and cable locator Product info: The RD8000PDL and PXL are powerful successors to the industry standard RD4000PDL and PXL pipe and cable locators. The RD8000 improves on speed, accuracy and reliability yet...Read More

  • HZ-4000 Cable Fault Locator

    Contact NowHZ-4000 Cable Fault LocatorFeatures: 1.Many Test Methods : multi-pulse, voltage sampling, current sampling,LV pulse, etc to maximize customer’s satisfaction. 2.Multi sampling frequency 30M 60M 120M,more accuracy. 3.Long test distance up to 165Km.The voltage is 35kv. 4.Test impulse: 0.2~9.9µs, adjustable. 5.Error: Relative...Read More

  • HZ4000T2 Underground Cable Fault Locator

    Contact NowHZ4000T2 Underground Cable Fault LocatorHZ4000T2 underground cable fault locator I. Introduction 1 It is a one body trolley structure, easy handling at site. 2 You can do site test without complex wiring, because all test modes and switching voltage levels are automatically switched by weak control internal high-voltage switches. 3 It...Read More

  • HZHD-523 Cable Sheath Fault Pinpoint Locator

    Contact NowHZHD-523 Cable Sheath Fault Pinpoint LocatorHZHD-523 Cable Sheath Fault Pinpoint Locator Product overview With the city network development , many power supply bureau, construction, and even the design institute are first met 110kV XLPE cable, due to time and lack of experience, resulting in many cable outer sheath can ’ t passed...Read More

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