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  • HZYN-1301 Automatic Kinematic Viscosity Tester

    Contact NowHZYN-1301 Automatic Kinematic Viscosity TesterHZYN-1301 automatic kinematic viscosity tester The kinematic viscosity is the measure of the internal friction force when the liquid flows under the action of gravity, and its value is the ratio of the dynamic viscosity to the density at the same temperature, which is one of the important...Read More

  • HZ-4000 TDR Cable Fault Locator

    Contact NowHZ-4000 TDR Cable Fault LocatorFeatures: 1.Many Test Methods : multi-pulse, voltage sampling, current sampling,LV pulse, etc to maximize customer’s satisfaction. 2.Multi sampling frequency 30M 60M 120M,more accuracy. 3.Long test distance up to 165Km.The voltage is 35kv. 4.Test impulse: 0.2~9.9µs, adjustable. 5.Error: Relative...Read More

  • HZ-C Underground Cable Path Route Tracing Equipment

    Contact NowHZ-C Underground Cable Path Route Tracing EquipmentHZ-C underground cable path route tracing equipment I . F unction It provide s 15KHZ high frequency signal and 300HZ audio signal power output . It can perform measuring cable path, buried depths, short circuit fault point w ith the location instrument. II . T echnical P arameters ⑴ Power: 220V...Read More

  • HZJB-1 3 Phase Relay Protection Tester

    Contact NowHZJB-1 3 Phase Relay Protection TesterHZJB-I relay protection tester 3 phase 0.5 grade 1.AC current output: Accuracy 0.5 Grade Phase current output(effective value) 0~40A 3 phase current output(effective value) 0~1200A Phase current long time working value(effective value) 10A Phase max current outpute power 420VA 3 phase max...Read More

  • HZ4000T2 Underground Cable Fault Locator

    Contact NowHZ4000T2 Underground Cable Fault LocatorHZ4000T2 underground cable fault locator I. Introduction 1 It is a one body trolley structure, easy handling at site. 2 You can do site test without complex wiring, because all test modes and switching voltage levels are automatically switched by weak control internal high-voltage switches. 3 It...Read More

  • HZ-3110A Transformer DC Resistance Tester

    Contact NowHZ-3110A Transformer DC Resistance TesterHZ-3110A Transformer DC Resistance TTR tester HZ-3110A Transformer DC Resistance tester is of the rapid test device which applies to Measure transformers, transformers, generators, motors and circuit etc. Features ●Test ranges from 500μΩ ;to 50kΩ ; ●EMF has perfect protection function; ●For DC...Read More

  • 50kv Insulated Clothing Wear And Insulating Mat Dielectic Tester

    Contact Now50kv Insulated Clothing Wear And Insulating Mat Dielectic Tester50kv Insulated Clothing Wear And Insulating Mat Dielectic Tester Application: It's mainly used for testing thin-layer insulation material electric strength. Stand part of the test device using the whole structure, made of 304 plate material processing. Features: To improve the insulation board...Read More

  • Automatic Transformer Oil Interfacial Tension Tester

    Contact NowAutomatic Transformer Oil Interfacial Tension TesterAutomatic Transformer Oil Interfacial Tension Tester I.Introduction Intermolecular Forces formed liquid surface tension.Numbers of tension reflect on liquid sample, physics and chemical properties, it is one of the most important index to product quality. HZZL-3 automatic tension tester...Read More

  • 60KV 2ma DC Cable Test System

    Contact Now60KV 2ma DC Cable Test System60KV 2ma DC Cable Test System I. P roduct O verview Dc high voltage generator adopt s high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) technology to make closed adjust ment with high voltage stability, small ripple factor and fast reliable protection circuit . The wide temperature LCD screen adopt s...Read More

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