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cheap Insulation Protect Products

  • Arc Proof Clothes Arc Preventive Coveralls

    Contact NowArc Proof Clothes Arc Preventive CoverallsⅠ. Application: Arc clothing, for the power and social enterprises, full-time or part-time employees daily work of power, potential arc environment (but with hazardous chemicals, gas, nuclear radiation, and other special circumstances do not apply to the use of wear), the arc explosion escape...Read More

  • Class 00 Electrical Latex Dielectric Insulating Gloves

    Contact NowClass 00 Electrical Latex Dielectric Insulating GlovesClass 00 Electrical Latex Dielectric Insulating Gloves I.Description Insulated gloves to make the wearer's hands insulated with the charged body, personal protective equipment to prevent electric shock. II.Features 1. insulated gloves labor supplies, protect the hands and body effect. 2....Read More

  • pvc electrical insulation tape

    Contact Nowpvc electrical insulation tapePVC Electrical Tape I. Introduction. The product series is made from different raw materials in accordance with different requirements. It is mainly used for electrical wires, cables and their joints. Electrical tape is an excellent, economical and practical PVC insulating tape. It has good wear...Read More

  • Anti Chemical Acid Alkali Resistant Safety Gloves

    Contact NowAnti Chemical Acid Alkali Resistant Safety GlovesAnti Chemical Acid Alkali Resistant Safety Gloves I.Features & Application II.Company Information HuaZheng Electric Manufacturing (Baoding) Co.,Ltd is the supplier of the State Grid in China.It means we are the supplier of the Chinese Government.And our products spread throughout the whole...Read More

  • Insulating Boots

    Contact NowInsulating BootsRubber High Voltage Insulating Boots description: Insulating boots called mine high-voltage insulating boots, boots. The so-called refers to the insulation,insulation materials used in the charged body is closed, so as to isolate the charged body or different potential of the conductor, so that...Read More

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