Variable Frequency Series High Voltage AC Resonant Test System

Variable Frequency Series High Voltage AC Resonant Test System

variable frequency series high voltage ac resonant test system Product Description The device is designed and manufactured for AC withstand voltage test of 10kV / 35kV / 110kV /220kv cables, transformers and GIS. The reactor is designed in more than one separately, which not only can meet the...

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Product Details

Variable Frequency Series High Voltage AC Resonant Test System

I.Product Description


Transformer, GIS, SF6 switch, CT/PT, insulator, bus bar, cable, bushing, and others capacitive devices are the common primary electric equipments.


The resonant test system is composed by power control cabinet, excitation transformer, reactor, voltage divider; let silicon rectifier stack and micro ammeter connect with the voltage divider, then can finish the DC voltage withstand test.




A) rated capacity: 1080kVA;

B) input power: single phase 220V/380V voltage, frequency 50Hz;

C) rated voltage: 135kV, 540kV

D) current rating: 8A, 2A

E) working frequency: 30 ~ 300Hz;

F) waveform distortion rate: the output voltage waveform distortion rate ≤1%;

G) work time: allow continuous 60min under rated load;

H)Temperature rise: continuous operation of 60min after the temperature is≤65K;

I) quality factors: device Q≥30(f=45Hz)

J) protection function: to be subject to overcurrent, overvoltage and test flashover protection (see the part of frequency conversion power supply)

K) measurement accuracy: System RMS 1


Subject to be tested:

This device can be used for high voltage grade of the sample (s) of the capacitive ac withstand voltage test:
(1) 6 ~ 500 kv crosslinking polyethylene cable ac withstand voltage test;
(2) 35 ~ 500 kv GIS ac withstand voltage test;
(3) 10 ~ 500 kv switch, bus, casing and other ac withstand voltage test.
(4) 10 ~ 500 kv power transformer power frequency withstand voltage test
(5) 10 ~ 500 kv PT and CT power frequency withstand voltage test;
(6) generator power frequency overvoltage withstand test;
(7) 10 ~ 500 kv power capacitor, etc. The withstand voltage test.




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