High Voltage Switch Dynamic Characteristics Test Set Circuit Breaker Analyser

High Voltage Switch Dynamic Characteristics Test Set Circuit Breaker Analyser

high voltage switch dynamic characteristics test set circuit breaker analyser I. T echnical P arameters 1.1 Using Environments Input Power 220V±10% 50Hz±10% Air Pressure 86 ~ 106kpa Temperature - 10 ~ 40 ℃ Humidity ≦ 80%RH 1.2 Safety P erformance I nsulation R esistance > 2MΩ Dielectric Strength...

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high voltage switch dynamic characteristics test set circuit breaker analyser

I.Technical Parameters

1.1 Using Environments

Input Power  220V±10%  50Hz±10%   Air Pressure  86~106kpa

Temperature  -10~40   Humidity    80%RH

1.2 Safety Performance

Insulation Resistance>2MΩ

Dielectric Strength 1.5KV power supply chassis work frequency withstand voltage 1 minute, no flashover and arcing.

1.3 The Basic Parameters

a. Time:  range:  25000.0ms      resolution:  0.1ms

word error: 250ms     0.1ms ± 1

 2500ms    0.1% ± 1 word

 25000ms   0.1% ± 1 word

b. Speed :  span 20.00m / s   resolution 0.01m / s
word Error  0-2m / s within ± 0.1m / s ± 1 word
                  100ms or ± 0.2m / s ± 1 word

c. Tips:    





Vacuum breaker



1%±1 word

SF6 circuit breaker



Less oil circuit breakers



    d.  Current: 10.00A        resolution range 0.01A

    e.  Output power: DC30 ~ 250V digital adjustable / 10A

 (instantaneous work)
    f.  Dimensions: 360mm (L) × 280mm (W) × 300mm (H)
    g.  Weight: 9kg



II.Performance Characteristics

1. Performance

a. Time: 12 inherent in the fracture points, closing time, with the same period, and white the same period.
b. Reclosing: each fracture together - sub, sub - together, sub - Hopewell - sub-process time: one point, a time is the time of the two-in-gold short time, current time value.

c. Speed: just now, just closing speed, maximum speed, time - stroke characteristic curve.
d. Stroke: total trip, open distance, over-travel, the overshoot travel, rebound amplitude.
e. Current: points, closing coil points, closing the current value, the current waveform diagram.
f. Operating Voltage: DC30 ~ 250V/20A digital machine adjustable breaker operation power supply, to automatically complete low voltage operation test of the breaker, measuring the value of the operating voltage of the circuit breaker.

2. Characteristics

a. All models suitable for domestic and foreign production of SF6 switchgear, GIS combination of electrical, vacuum switch, oil switch mechanical properties test

b. Super anti-jamming capability, 500KV substation the bypass bus charged case can easily test to accurately measure.
c. Universal speed sensor, straight line linear sensor, rotary sensor, extremely easy to install and simple.
d. Switching operation once obtained the switch mechanical properties testing of all data and the corresponding waveform Spectrum.
e. The host field test data, the machine can be stored in the real-time clock, easy to the archive save the test date, time.
f. Host big screen, wide temperature, direct perspective, backlight LCD Chinese display all data and maps, LCD contrast electronic adjustment, power and memory.
g. Chinese menu operation, easy to use. Instrument built-in printer, fast print all data and maps at any time.
h. The instrument with data analysis and management software, with PC online operation, the test results can be output to the various types of dot matrix, laser or ink-jet printer to print the test report, the field trials computerized.


III.Terminology Definition

a. Points (a) Opening time: Tripping coil of the points (a) power as the starting time to move, the static contact just points (a) time.
b. The same period: the same phase being, points (a) the maximum and minimum opening time the difference.
c. White year: Three-phase points (a) and the maximum and minimum opening time difference between.
d. Average speed: points (a) gate process, moving contacts total travel before, after removing 10% each, to take the middle 80%, the ratio of the moving contact sport trip time.
e. Maximum Speed: Gateway process in the points (a), the moving contact sport, take the moving contact sport every 10ms for a speedometer unit until the moving contact sport stop certain speed unit value, of which the largest unit The speed value shall be the points (a) the maximum speed of the gate.
f. Just points (a) speed: different switch models depending on the measured switch factory, each manufacturer to define the different just now, just closing speed, the tester included various definitions section for The user's own choice.

○ ABB-HPL550B2: ABB Company 550KVSF6 of switches;
○ together before the sub 10ms: part of the oil switch and part of SF6 switchgear;

○ aggregate points before and after some of the oil switch;
○ LW6 type the: LW6 SF6 switchgear;
○ LW8-35 type: LW8-35 type SF6 switchgear;
○ 10% to the the fracture: the Xi'an Switch Factory production part SF6 switchgear;
○ the same average speed: Shenyang Switch Factory production SF6 switchgear;
○ LW33-126 LW33-126 SF6 switchgear;
○ together before the sub 10mm: part 35KV vacuum switch;
○ together before points 6mm: 10KV vacuum switch.
 Several definitions above are not adopted, users can be measured according to the tester stroke characteristic curve (travel direction), defined on the curve just points, the speed sampling paragraph just an aggregate speed, the instrument automatically calculated user-defined just stars, just close speed (sampling time and stroke within a segment ratio).


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