HZJY-5K Insulation Resistance Tester

Insulation Tester Manual Insulation resistance tester dedicated to the measurement of water-cooled generator test, but also can be used for laboratory or field testing insulation testing to do. Output current greater than 25mA. The maximum output voltage of 2500V. Includes...

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HZJY-5K Insulation Resistance Tester


Product Description

HZJY-5K Insulation Resistance Tester Description:


Insulation resistance tester dedicated to the measurement of watercooled generator test, but also can be used 

for laboratory or field testing insulation testing to do. Output current greater than 25mA. The maximum output 


voltage of 2500V. Includes highprecision microcurrent measurement system,digital boost system. Just use a hi


ghvoltage lines and a signal line connecting the test product can be measured. Automatic measurement, the r


esults from the large screen liquid crystal display, and store the results.



 HZJY-5K Insulation Resistance Tester Features:


1. 32-bit micro-controller, Chinese user interface, easy to operate.


2. Automatically calculates the absorption ratio and the polarization index, and automatically save 15 seconds, 

    1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes to facilitate analysis of data per minute.


3. Output current,  short-circuit currents greater than 5mA.


4. A fully enclosed highvoltage generator module technology, the protection of the internal resistance, safe an

d reliable.Anti-interference ability, to meet the EHV substation on-site operation.


5. Automatic discharge test is completed, and real-time monitoring the discharge process.


HZJY-5K Insulation Resistance Tester Technical Data:


Accuracy: ± 10%


Range: 0.1M ~ 200GΩ


Test Voltage: 0.5Kv ,1KV,2.5KV,5KV


Short circuit current:> 5mA


Measuring time: 1 minute to 10 minutes (with the measurement related)


Power Supply: 180 ~ 270VAC, 50Hz/60Hz ± 1% (utility or generator power)


Working Environment: Temperature -10 ~ 40 ℃, 


Relative humidity 20 to 80%.

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HuaZheng Electric Manufacturing (Baoding) Co.,Ltd is the supplier of the State grid in China.

Huazheng supplied the electric equipment to the government of China , Products are used by 

more than 20 provinces in China. We also export to other countries, like Brazil, Chile, Malysia, Vietnam and other countries. We supplied the transformer tester for the big power station, We also supplied the transformer oil tester, like transformer oil dielectric tester (BDV tester), transformer losstester, transformer oil acid tester, flash point tester and so on. The products Huazheng supplied as follows:

Transformer tester, Cable fault locator, Power quality analyzer, transformer oil tester,High voltage tester, Insulation tester, Earth resistance tester and so on.



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