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Scale Range 0-50M 270 Degree Laser Radar / Lidar

Scale Range 0-50M 270 Degree Laser Radar / Lidar

scale range 0-50M 270 degree laser radar / Lidar Product Description

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Product Details

    scale range 0-50M 270 degree laser radar / Lidar

Laser Lidar Product Description

                Iterm                Specification                Remark
                Size                205.5*129*125mm
                Power supply                DC+24V                DC+21.6V~26.4V
                Power consumption                ≤6W
                Working temperature                -20°C~+55°C
                Range                50m                Standard10% Reflectivity optical whiteboard
                Scan angle range                ≤270°
                Scan frequency                10~50Hz
                Angle resolution                0.25/0.5°
                Laser divergence angle                ≤6mrad
                The ability to identify the shape of the object                Almost any shapes
                System error                ±30mm
                Continue error                20mm




Company Information

HuaZheng Electric Manufacturing (Baoding) Co.,Ltd is  founded in 2008,the supplier of the State Grid in China.It means we are the supplier of the Chinese Government.And our products spread throughout the whole China.

Our main products : Insulation Oil Tester, Cable Fault Locator, High Voltage Generator,transformer tester, relay protection tester,insulation resistance megger tester,Power Quality Analyzer and so on.

Close to Tianjin port, the transportation is convenient. our customers come from More than 50 countries, like America, England, Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, Malysia, Vietnam and so on.

What's more, gurantee 1 year,life long maintance .Products through the CE, ISO, IEC certification, quality and reliable, factory price.

Warmly welcome all partners to join us for mutual benefits cooperation.


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