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AC High Voltage Test Set High Capacity PD Free Tester
- Feb 09, 2018 -

AC High Voltage Test Set High Capacity PD Free Tester

I. Overview

Power frequency No Partial Discharge testing set is used for checking the insulation level of power-frequency voltage  for all kinds of insulation materials and electric products, which is widely used in electric products manufactures, electric power operation departments, scientific research institutions, colleges & universities.It is a necessary equipment for all walks of high voltage testing.

II. Product structure

Single frame core structure is used in this series of light highvoltage test transformers. Primary windings are around iron core, and the high voltage windings are outside. This coaxial arrangement effectively reduces leakage and thus increases coupling between the windings.

III. Advantage:

 1  Complete equipment and wide voltage levels in the whole set of device

2  wide series of capacitance & perfect in functions & simple operation

3  Partial discharge figure and data can be saved and printed out, automatically generating test report.

PD Free Testing Transformer HZQW-10KVA/50KV


Controller CZTW-10KVA/220V


Isolating Transformer GLB-10KVA/200V


Coupling Capacitor OWF-50KV


Protective Resistor 50KV/8K