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HZJD-3Z Insulation Oil Tan Delta And Resistivity Tester With Self Clean Function
- Jan 30, 2019 -

HZJD-3Z Insulation Oil Tan Delta and Resistivity Tester With Self Clean Function


In the preventive test of electrical equipment insulation, a periodic measurement for the parameter of insulation oil was required. The insulation oil dielectric dissipation factor and d.c. resistivity measurement is one of the main methods in a series of preventive tests. Bridge method mostly used for a long time, but this method is complex to operate, also the measurement accuracy will influence by many factors, and that may easily result in a large measurement error. Along with the electronic technology are highly improved, the power industry’s requirements in the measuring apparatus are continuing increase, including small volume, light weight, easy to operate, fast speed and high precision. Based on related foreign and domestic instrument, our company successfully developed JDC series products, which is relatively advanced in our country at this present. Our instrument are design and manufacture basis on GB5654 and other relative standards, using computer control, simple to use, high accuracy and very efficient, dramatically reduced labor strength of testers.


II.Structure Feature And Function Introduction

Our instrument has designed in integrated function of oil cell, heating, temperature control and voltage regulating

Displayed with color large LCD screen, simple to operate

Empty cup self-calibration

Equip with over-voltage, over-current and temperature limitation protection

Medium frequency induction heating electrode cup and short time uniform heating

Direct measure temperature with probe placed inside the measuring electrode cup

Contains sine-wave-generator, high power digital voltage regulator test power supply can provide 50Hz standard voltage


III.Main Technical Guidance

Test voltage range: 0~2000VAC  0~500VDC

Test temperature range: room temp~125℃

Dielectric loss test range: 0.00001~1

Measurement accuracy:±(indicating value×0.5%+0.0001)

Relative dielectric constant:±(indicating value×0.5%+0.1)

Resistivity resolution: 0.001MΩ·m

Resistive test range: 2.5MΩ·m~20TΩ·m

Power supply: 500W

Supply voltage: AC220V±22V

Boundary dimension: 470×430×380

Weight: 25kg

IV.Working Condition

Environmental temperature: 0℃~+40℃

Relative humidity: ≤75%RH