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Portable On-line Pd Detector Four Channel Partial Discharge Diagnosis And Monitoring System
- Jan 28, 2019 -

Portable on-line pd detector partial discharge diagnosis and monitoring system

1. Brief introduction

According to the standard of IEC and advanced theory of partial discharge,

HZJF-9041 fit for many products, it has high sensitivity, high S/N, a large screen which has clear testing wave displaying, high frequency ellipse scan (the power is less than 1VA)., auxiliary zero marking system. The discharge meter has pointer/digital display and linearity /digital function. The amplifier has largedynamic range, 9 kinds of frequency band combinations.

HZJF-9041 is a powerful tool for developing new high voltage electric products and improving the quality of the products. It is also an efficient testing device to judge the work condition of equipments on thework field. This device is used together with model JZF-9 or JZF-10 calibrator.

partial discharge detection




partial discharge tester