HZDZ-B3 Portable Power Quality Analyzer

HZDZ-B3 Portable Power Quality Analyzer

HZDZ-B3 power quality analyzer-three phase Product introduction HZDZ-B3 Handheld power quality analyzer-three phase is a specially high precision testing instruments which can be used to test power grid waveform distortion, voltage fluctuation and flicker, harmonic content and unbalanced...

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Product Details

HZDZ-B3 Portable Power Quality Analyzer

The main functions and characteristics

this instrument is specially used to test power grid waveform distortion, voltage fluctuation and flicker, harmonic content and unbalanced three-phase power quality problems such as high precision testing instruments; at the same time it also have the the functions of electric parameter test, the vector analysis.
Can accurately measure voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, phase Angle, power factor and other electrical parameters
It can display the measured voltage and current phasor diagram, the users can know the device wiring correctly or not through the analysis of vector diagram .
The current is measured by using the clamp transformer.Because using clamp current transformer measurement,the operators do not need to disconnect current loop, can be measured convenient, and safety. It can be equipped with different range of clamps according to the user's measurement range.
It can measure and analysis the power quality from the utility grid to the client's use, its measure and analysis frequency deviation, voltage deviation, voltage fluctuation and flicker, unbalanced three-phase voltage allowed degrees and power grid harmonic.
Can display the single phase voltage and current waveform and can also show three phase voltage and current waveform. All tests have screen lock function interface, to facilitate users to reading and analyze the data.
The load fluctuation monitoring, measurement analysis of all kinds of electric equipment under different running condition cause fluctuations to the utility grid power quality. Timing record and store the the change trend of voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, phase and other electric power parameters.
It can dynamic monitoring of power equipment when adjustment and operation, and help users to solve the problems of the electric power equipment in the process of adjustment and operation.
It is able to test and analysis in the power system reactive power compensation and filtering device dynamic parameters,and make quantitative evaluation to the function and technical indicators.
It can set the different storage time, according to the set time to store the interval data in a row. Built-in large capacity data storage, press 1 minute interval can store more than 18 months in a row, can meet the needs of the long-term monitoring sites.
This instrument is with USB interface, which makes it easy to copy the data directly from the backstage management computer. Cooperate with powerful data management software, the real-time sampling data can be directly uploaded to the background management computer, it will be a more comprehensive and more rapid processing in the background.
Have calendar, clock function, real-time display date and time. Can also save the test data and results of when testing, and upload to the computer through serial port, through the background management software (optional) to realize the data of computerization management, it has powerful statements.
3 minutes without operating liquid crystal display will enter power saving mode automatically, to maximum extend battery life.
Conductive silicone keys, feel is good, long service life, reasonable design, convenient operation.
Built-in large capacity, high performance lithium ion rechargeable batteries, charged full can work continuously more than 10 hours.
Small volume, light weight, easy to carry, can be used for field measurement is used, also can be used as laboratory standard measuring equipment.

HZDZ-B3 Portable Power Quality Analyzer Technical parameters

1.The input features
Voltage measuring range: 0 ~ 400 v, automatic cutting
Current measuring range:Clamp current transformer(3 kinds):
5 A / 25A(standard)
100 A/ 500A(optional)
400 A/ 2000A(optional)
Phase Angle measuring range: 0 ~ 359.99 °
Frequency measurement range: 45 ~ 55 Hz
Voltage channel count: the three-channel (UA, UB, UC)
Current channel number: three-channel (IA, IB, IC)
The largest number of harmonic analysis: 63 times
1 minute interval continuous maximum storage cycle: 18 months

Electric parameter measurement:
Voltage: plus or minus 0.2%
current and power:±0.5%
the power quality:
The fundamental wave voltage allowed error:≤0.5%F.S
The fundamental wave current allowed error:≤1%F.S
Fundamental wave phase difference between voltage and current measurement error:≤0.2°
Harmonic voltage containing rate measurement error:≤0.1%
Harmonic current containing rate measurement error:≤0.2%
Three-phase voltage unbalance degree error:≤0.2%
Voltage deviation error:≤0.2%
Changes in voltage error:≤0.2%
The working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
The charging power supply: AC220V, 45 hz - 55 hz frequency
The power consumption of the host:≤3VA
Battery maximum working time:≤10 hours
the input current and voltage insulation resistance ≤100MΩ.
between the power input to the shell work under power frequency 1.5 KV (RMS), the experiment lasted for 1 minute.
Size: 320 mm * 240 mm * 130 mm
Weight: 2.0 Kg

the picture as below

Fluke 435 II Three-Phase Energy Analyzer Power Quality Analyzer

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