HZ-3110A 10A Digital Transformer DC Resistance Tester

HZ-3110A Transformer DC Resistance TTR tester HZ-3110A Transformer DC Resistance tester is of the rapid test device which applies to Measure transformers, transformers, generators, motors and circuit etc. Features ●Test ranges from 500μΩ ;to 50kΩ ; ●EMF has perfect protection function; ●For DC...

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HZ-3110A 10A Digital Transformer DC Resistance Tester

I. Introduction

HZ-3110A Transformer DC Resistance tester is of the rapid test device which applies to Measure transformers, transformers, generators, motors and circuit etc.

The DC Resistance transformer to meet fast measurement requirement, we developed HZ-3110A DC Resistance Tester. The instrument is a newpowerful technology, small size, light weight, high output current and other characteristics.

The device is controlled by the microcontroller, with a high degree of automation, automatic discharge functions. It is a test instrument of high precision, simple, direct way to achieve fast transformer measurement.

II. Configuration

1. Whole instrument controlled by high speed SCM, high automatic degree and simple operation.

2. The instrument adopts advanced power supply technology, with multiple current position, test range is wide, suitable for testing DC resistance of large and medium size transformer.

3. Has a complete circuit protection, reliable.

4.Discharge alarm, discharge indicator clear, reduces misuse.

5. Quick response speed, can be directly converted to load tap switch at measuring state, the instrument automatically refresh data.

6.Intelligent power management technology, instrument is always working at minimum power state, effective energy saving, reduce heat.

7.320 x240 matrix of ultra small pixel 65Ktrue color LCD.

8.With calendar clock and power storage, can store 1000 groups data, can be check at any time.
9.With RS232 and USB interface, computer communications and U disk storage.

III. TechnicalData

1. Output current<5mA 40mA200mA1A5A10A

2. Resolution0.1μΩ

3. Range:    0.5mΩ0.8Ω    10A

            1mΩ-2Ω         5A

        5mΩ-10Ω        (1A)

100mΩ-50Ω        (200mA)

1Ω-250Ω         40mA

100Ω-20KΩ       <5mA

4. Accuracy±(0.2%+2 Readings)

5. Operating temperature0~40℃

6. Ambient humidity≤90%RH(non condensed)

7. size: 425*210*285 mm.

8. Instrument weight :11kg


Direct resistance device    1

Test cable                  1

Charger                  1

Manual Instruction           1

Pack list                    1

Product certificate            1

Testing report                1

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V.Company Information

HuaZheng Electric Manufacturing (Baoding) Co.,Ltd is  founded in 2008,the supplier of the State Grid in China.It means we are the supplier of the Chinese Government.And our products spread throughout the whole China.

Our main products : Insulation Oil Tester, Cable Fault Locator, High Voltage Generator,transformer tester, relay protection tester,insulation resistance tester,Power Quality Analyzer and so on.

Close to Tianjin port, the transportation is convenient. our customers come from More than 50 countries, like America, England, Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, Malysia, Vietnam and so on.

What's more, gurantee 1 year,life long maintance .Products through the CE, ISO, IEC certification, quality and reliable, factory price.

Warmly welcome all partners to join us for mutual benefits cooperation.


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