HZ-3120 Transformer Winding DC Resistance Tester

HZ-3120Transformer DC Resistance Tester Introduction DC resistance of the transformer will test the project of a transformer manufacturing semi-finished products,finished appearance test,installation, testing and transfer of power sector preventive trials , which can effectively find the...

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HZ-3120 Transformer Winding DC Resistance Tester

I. Introduction


The DC resistance is the transformer’s semi-finished product, finished product test, installation, commissioning test, and electric part prevention test necessary test projectthe transformer coil can effectively find the device welding, connecting parts loose, missing unit, disconnection, and other manufacturing default and other hidden danger occurred after operation.


The DC Resistance transformer to meet fast measurement requirement, we developed HZ-3120A DC Resistance Tester. The instrument is a new powerful technology, small size, light weight, high output current and other characteristics.


The device is controlled by the microcontroller, with a high degree of automation, automatic discharge functions. It is a test instrument of high precision, simple, direct way to achieve fast transformer measurement.


II. Safety Measure


1. Before using this equipment you must carefully read the manual.


2. The equipment operator should have electric general knowledge


3. Avoid putting the equipment in the contact of the rain, corrosive gas, dust, high temperature, direct sunlight, and other places.


4. Severe vibration has to be avoiding for gauges.


5. Only an expert must maintain and adjust the equipment


6. After the test, the user must wait till the discharge alarm stopped before switching off the device, and plugging off the test cables.


7. To measure no-load regulating transformers, the user has to wait till the discharge instructions alarm stops before switching stalls.


8. During testing, do not move the testing clamp and cables


III. Technical Data


1. Output current<5mA 1A2.5A5A 10A20A


2. Resolution0.1μΩ


3. Range:   100μΩ1Ω      20A


            500μΩ2Ω      10A


        1mΩ4Ω         5A


2mΩ8Ω        (2.5A


5mΩ20Ω         (1A


10Ω20KΩ       (<5mA


4. Accuracy±(0.2%+2 Readings)


5. Operating temperature0~40℃


6. Ambient humidity≤90%RH(non condensed)


7. size:400mm*225mm*350mm.


8. Instrument weight :13kg, wiring case:5kg.

Packing List

Main host1
Testing line1
Power line1
User’s manual1
Quality pass card1
Insurance tube2
Print Paper1
Packing list1
Grounding line1
Serial port line1
Test sample1

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